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7th Annual UAB Soccer For A Cure Classic
For Alabama Children's Hospital

Every One to Five Dollar Donation
WILL Make A Difference

Objective: The objective of 11 on 11/11 Versus Cancer is to raise awareness of and donations for cancer related organizations in Georgia that are currently helping families in their battle against cancer.

Why $11 dollors? $11.00 was chosen because we believe most families at every economic level will be able to participate at that amount.

How? Starting in June and continuing through November, SFAC will attempt to contact every college, high school, club, and professional soccer team in Georgia. Each will be invited to join this initiative by reaching out to their network of players, fans, friends, and family and asking, them to help spread the word about "11 on 11/11 Versus Cancer". Regardless of the amount that will be raised in November ($1,000.00 - $100,000.00 or more), families battling cancer will be helped because of you.

Organizations that donors will be choosing to receive their donation by either donating directly to the organization or donating to Soccer For A Cure and ear marking their donation for as specific organization. Every organization listed below has a unique and important role in the battle against cancer. Please give equal consideration to each when choosing which organization(s) to recieve your donation.

  1. Emory Winship Cancer Institute -
  2. Atlanta Cancer Care Fundation -
  3. Brain Tumor Foundation for Children -
  4. Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers -
  5. Memorial Health Foundation of Savannah -
  6. Taylor Brooks Foundation -
  7. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation -
  8. Camp Sunshine -
The list is not complete and will grow over the next several months.

If there are additionally cancer related organization/foundations in Georgia that you would like to add to this list, please let us know by e-mail to charlie\@soccerforacure\.org .

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