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Soccer For A Cure
Alabama Children's Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorder
Soccer For A Cure Logo 7th Annual UAB Soccer For A Cure Classic
For Alabama Children's Hospital
Every One to Five Dollar Donation
WILL Make A Difference
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7th Annual UAB Soccer For A Cure Classic
For Alabama Children's Hospital

Every One to Five Dollar Donation
WILL Make A Difference

Help us help families that are financially devastated because of cancer! "Soccer For A Cure" is a non-profit organization committed to helping people who have been financially devastated because of cancer. We have a few goals in mind...please take a minute to listen to our story. After reading this story, we hope you will sign up and become a member of the Soccer For A Cure Support Group and pass it on to anyone you believe would also like to joing the support group.

First, we are working toward getting a million people or families to donate $1, $5, or more annually to help those in their daily struggle with cancer. Can you imagine if we had 1 million families each year just donating $1....we would have at least $1 million dollars a year to help people in need so they could concentrate on their healing. What if those same families donated just $10 annually...we would have $10 million to help those in need. That is not a is a necessity! I remember the days of just having the flu for a few days and how that would disrupt my families home...imagine having the flu for months, or even years. Imagine now having to try to work while you are sick for days, months, years. Fighting cancer, staying strong, and keeping hopeful is difficult enough without having to worry about money for groceries, bills, etc. We are looking for a help us in our fight to help others. We need a team of people all giving a small amount so that one day we can help your family member or friend in the fight!

Second, we would like to set up a support system that comes along side the families and helps them find all the resources they need. All the ins and outs can be overwhelming, but what if you had someone to help you figure out what is best for you! Yes, there are some resources out there. Most can only help short term and give small amounts...along with a bunch of requirements to be able to qualify for this help. You usually end up getting directed to call 10 different people before they end up helping you with a $50 gas card. We want to help whoever needs location requirements, no type of cancer requirements, ... just people and families in need. Some families have plenty of money and help to get through their journey, but others need more help than you can imagine. Along with being ill long term, comes loss of work and income, loss of ability to pay for daily living expenses let alone medical bills, loss of home, loss of marital relationships, ... a rippling effect can devastate any person and family.

Please consider joining our team! This may be the best and cheapest insurance policy you ever invested in for your friends and family. Pass it on!

Blessings and Good Health!

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