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Alabama Children's Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorder
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In Memory of Ron Neely
1942 - 2008
In Memory of Ron  Neely

2012 UAB Soccer For A Cure Classic
Benefiting Children's of Alabama
September 14 and 16, 2012
at UAB Soccer Complex
Featuring the Men's Soccer Teams from:
University of Alabama - Birmingham
University of Memphis
University of Washington
Fairleigh Dickinson - Teaneck
For Additional information go to:
Our Objective for the Next 10+ Years
  • We will strive to raise awareness of and donations for families in every state that are stressed financially because a family member is in a battle with cancer.
  • Our model is to encourage modest donations ($5.00) so that everyone at every economic level can participate in reaching out to those in need.
  • We believe it is far more significant for 10,000 donors to donate $5.00 to raise $50,000 than it would be for 2,000 donors to donate $25.00 each.
  • We want to build a support group of volunteers across the US that are willing to reach out and help families dealing with cancer in their community.
  • We want to encourage donors to get in the habit of making an annual donation to a cancer related organizationan in their community.
What is Soccer For A Cure

"Soccer For A Cure" is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. Its purpose is to serve as a place where all levels of the Soccer nation (youth, club, high school, college, adult, and professional) can "Stand Together as a Team" to help families fight the battle against all types of cancer.

Why was it started?

It was started in January 2008 by Charlie Corbitt, a cancer survivor and warrior advocate for others affected with cancer. He has been involved in college and high school soccer since 1993 and is currently the manager of the "SIS College Soccer Scoreboard" and the "National High School Soccer Scoreboard". His hope is that the soccer nation will one day "Stand Together Hand in Hand as One" and become pro-active in the fight against cancer.

From 60 Minutes - The Recession's Impact: Closing The Clinic

The current economic recession is affecting our nation's most vulnerable. Scott Pelley reports on a county hospital in Nevada that is closing an outpatient cancer clinic due to budget cuts. Please take the time to watch this 13 minute video. It address the crisis regarding cancer care that many families are facing because of the economic recession. This video is about cancer patients in Nevada. However as the video states, many other states are facing similar budget cuts in health care.

Note: there is a 30 second commercial that CBS has added before the video - be patient, it follows the commercial.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Join the Soccer For A Cure Team by making an annual donation of $1.00 or more each year.

There are millions of soccer families in the US and millions more worldwide. If we all stand hand in hand as ONE we can and WILL make a difference for hundreds of thousands of families that are struggling financially because of their war against cancer.

If you donate $5.00 or more each year you will receive by return mail a "Soccer For A Cure" window cling that states that you are a member for the current year. A donation of $15.00 or more will entitle you to a window cling as well as a Soccer For A Cure t-shirt.

Vehicle Window Cling with
donation of $5.00 or more

Soccer For A Cure T-shirt with
donation of $15.00 or more

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